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Farmer Benefit Program

Great Coffee starts with great beans. And great beans are the result of year-round dedication by farmers. Bonhomia recognizes that beautiful coffee is not an accident - it is the outcome of years of passion, dedication, attention to the minutest of details and adapting to ever-changing environmental conditions. All of this is done to produce the beverage we all know & love so well!

Bonhomia honours this by identifying truly unique coffees, and rewarding farmers with significant monetary premiums for their effort - often paying double the price compared to commercial grade coffees.So, everytime you sip Bonhomia Coffee & smile, remember that a farmer smiles with you!


An amazing drink packed with all the love and comfort needed during periods. Our drink ensures SHE stays healthy without cramps and happy without mood swings, taste of coffee is an added bonus. 

Helps to Improve


Good for

Urinary tract infection, menstrual pains and cramps

Helps to reduce



Best had hot with optional Jaggery/Honey1 cup per day 
*Warning: Anyone who takes medication, pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume this product under the advice of the physician.
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