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India grows coffee in 7 different regions and each region brings its own flavor & vigor to coffee. Bonhomia is committed to working with Indian farmers to curate interesting blends.

Each of our blends bring out subtle tastes of Indian coffee with special focus on Mysore copi royale, mysore nuggets, monsoon malabar. We also source Indian tea from best of the estates and use organic blending techniques to create speciality teas Coffee tasting sessions.

Speciality Coffee | Monsoon Malabar

This is a specialty coffee of India and one of the world's most sought-after Indian coffee beans. These exotic beans undergo a unique process to produce their amazing flavor profile. Sun-dried green beans are warehouse only on the Malabar coast where deliberate exposure to the sea air and monsoon winds result in the beans swell, fade and reduce acidity. Smooth with a sweet, spicy kick, this coffee is unique to the lush Malabar Coast of Karnataka and Kerala, where it has protected status. Light roast level puts a little acidity that highlights the rare aromas.

Speciality Coffee | Nirvana

Nirvana is an indulgent blend of India’s Speciality Grades – the geographically patented Monsoon Malabar; the superbly balanced Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold and the fine Robusta Kaapi Royale. Each brings to the blend a unique aspect.The mellowness of the Monsoon Malabar; the balanced profile and pleasantness of the Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold; the bold notes and rounded mouthfeel of the Robusta Kaapi Royale. These come together beautifully in Nirvana, making this blend a class Act.
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