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Farmer Benefit Program

Great Coffee starts with great beans. And great beans are the result of year-round dedication by farmers. Bonhomia recognizes that beautiful coffee is not an accident - it is the outcome of years of passion, dedication, attention to the minutest of details and adapting to ever-changing environmental conditions. All of this is done to produce the beverage we all know & love so well!

Bonhomia honours this by identifying truly unique coffees, and rewarding farmers with significant monetary premiums for their effort - often paying double the price compared to commercial grade coffees.So, everytime you sip Bonhomia Coffee & smile, remember that a farmer smiles with you!

#bring it on

BringItOn features herbs that are known to fight the part of parties we hate – the hang-over! Drink alcohol responsibly, and bounce back quickly with #BringItOn! 

Helps to Improve

Liver and nerve function, Flushes out toxins, Immunity building 

Good for


Helps to reduce



Best had hot to reduce hangover1 cup per day 
Warning: Anyone who takes medication, pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume this product under the advice of the physician.  
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