Watapi is a pristine estate that produces 100% organic certified coffee. The main crop of this estate is Arabica with pepper as an intercrop. Silver Oak trees provide a canopy like a tropical rainforest and thus provide shade to the coffee plantation. Such shade-grown coffee plantations are one of the important reservoirs of biodiversity, it is a perfect habitat for some exotic species of flora and fauna. In addition to silver oak,  hundreds of other trees like teak, jack, rosewood, champak, orange, ficus, avocado, cashew, honne, matthi grow on the estate. This coffee is nurtured at a high elevation without the use of chemicals at BR hills. For manure, the coffee berry pulp is composted and used. A signature blemish-free coffee experience with a chocolate fragrance, an initial hint of distinct spice notes followed by a discernible aftertaste.