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Bonhomia Recipe Blog

Coffee is perhaps the first thing most millennial think of when they wake up. Your eyes may not even be fully open when you start mumbling for a shot of your espresso as you try to take yourself up from last night’s Game of Thrones binge.

It is also an integral part of your day. Be it a business meeting, a date, a chat with a friend, or the barfing after a night of heavy drinking- coffee is always in the picture, as everyone’s go-to. It also helps that there are so many ways to drink coffee- be it a shot of espresso or your favorite black, or a steaming mug of latte, or a Frappuccino. There’s something for everyone!

But it gets confusing sometimes, doesn’t it? Keeping up with all the names and terms of your coffee. Every percentage of coffee in a mug has a different name for itself, whether it is mixed with water or milk. So, to prevent you the embarrassment of trying to figure out if a frappe is a cup of hot or a glass of cold coffee the next time you’re browsing menus in a cafe, we have come up with our very own mini-dictionary to help you clear all your coffee confusions! Thank us later!

For starting reference, learn that espresso is pure coffee prepared by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans, hence it is like a thick sludge of coffee.

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