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Are you one of those people who simply cannot function till you’ve at least had your first cup of coffee? Worse still, does the thought of old school ‘beaten’ coffee send you into the deepest throes of depression? If any of these ring true, you probably identify as a coffee addict or at the very least, a caffeine junkie.

But have you ever wondered about life before coffee? How on Earth did people survive without it?

And most importantly, whom should we be thanking for discovering this wonder of the world?

There are multiple stories surrounding the discovery of coffee, but the most popular one is attributed to an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi. Legend has it that Kaldi noticed his goats were more hyperactive than usual after eating some red berries, rendering them into what would eventually be known as a “caffeine high.” Kaldi realized that the beans had a similar effect on him and decided to share this discovery with some local monks. The monks realized it helped them stay awake longer and since that moment (in the 9th century), there’s been no looking back.

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